2 Jul 2010


I love drawing and designing these are my true passions. 
Here are some of my designs, that are originals, prints, Aceo, and greetings cards

Open Edition Prints are £10 each

                                                           vw campervan
A nice trip to the beach in a gorgeous vw. Family in the  back eating a picnic and melting ice creams, the best life ever.

                                                       Under the Apple tree

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Haidee & Co © 2010

Here are some of my favourite looking cakes, it makes me just want to eat them all. :). This design was inspired by katy perry California gurlz
These are available on greetings cards, prints and the original is available!
RNLI (the lifeboat) I was inspired to do this piece of art, as my dad is on the lifeboat crew and I dedicate this piece to him and all the men and women who risk there lives for other. I want to raise some money for this charity, so this framed original is available. 

Happisburgh lighthouse 

Photographed on Happisburgh beach 

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