9 Jul 2010

I am loving 1950s chanel

I have just seen some amazing pictures of Chanel dresses they were so beautiful, I cant believe i would say that as I not bothered about designer but Chanel's designs were so original and classical.
I was inspired by her to create my dress. I tried to make my dress based on the beauty of nature and to communicate how we need to help protect it. I want this dress to be wearable on the beach. :) I wanted the blue and the yellow to reflect the sea and the beach.

Here are some of my card designs in a shop, which is exciting. I have now opened my own website called www.haideeandco.co.uk
On my website I sell cards and will be soon selling prints of my art work. Enjoy

Soon I am going to write my own book and publish , Its going to be full of my illustrations which is exciting.

I have just recently been to NUCA (Norwich school of art) I am still thinking if I should go, as I know Richard Brandons and Sir Alan Sugar never went and they have a fun and fulfilling life. :) , but most successful artists/ illustrators went to art university.


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  1. Your cards are amazing. Love them so much