31 Jul 2010

My new store

haidee2307's Store at Zazzle

I am so excited having my very own business :) cant wait to share my success.

One day I want to be able to dontate millions/billions to chairtys ( this is one of my goals I really want to achieve and its one of my main goals that keeps me motivated)
I love the idea of doing what you love (which I do do, as I have my own business, I sell my artwork which I love to create :) I aspire to be a entrepreneur
and I belive I can be a successful one :) , I want to help my brothers in there lives, as I know my one brother is 11 and the other is 15 years old. My 15 year old brother loves art and cooking, so I want to invest in him to build a beautiful restuarant for him in London :) and of cource I love cooking so want to be the head chef some of the time lol

I want to be independant women
I want to have successful companys (that bring quality and value to the customer)
I want to be able to drive my car
I want to model
I want msi's of successful businesses
I want to give to my family and friends
I want to be a successful designer
I want to have a amazing life (fufiling all my dreams and aspirations)
I want to give as much as i can to chairty like dogs trust, RNLI, african chairtys, cf as my best friend has it, guide dogs, homeless people, british heart foundation, research and (basically every chairty as there all help someone or something)
I also want to donate my organs and give blood ( I am scared but I know I am doing the right thing)

To do all this I have to have very successful companys ( and I know I can do it, people depend on it)

I am really excited now, I know what I want to achive


  1. I stumbled across your blog and I'm glad I did! I love your stationery, specifically that beach hut card.

  2. You have some wonderful goals set for yourself...so lovely to such positiveness. Goodluck with your COMPANIES!!!

  3. i agree with everything you said.
    if i was ridiculously rich, i would be giving EVERY DAY. even if it was just to strangers on the street. why keep a whole crapload of money when people out there would literally kill to eat their next meal.

  4. i love your cupcake card. will you cook those as the head chef. i know it's childish but i like your cooking already seeing all the festivities you can put together with such good cupcakes. when i'm down things like that cheer me up.

  5. now thats some nice stuff...LOL..but its good keep yourself motivated.