2 Jul 2010

Summer collection

Haidee & Co © 2010
                                                        wells next to sea
A beach hut on the North Norfolk coast (wells next to sea) amazing memories of colour and sea salt, and the dripping ice creams yummy!

                                                              Sand castle Aceo
Making a sand castle is a exciting experience, you never know how long the castle will last, until the waves get it. The sandy fingers touching good memories 

                                               Haidee & Co © 2010. Beach picnic 
Yummy ice creams, cup cakes,  macroons, cherry's, cakes and all delicious food

Haidee & Co © 2010       Blakeney seals  aceo

A boat trip full of adventures, beautiful seals playing and making funny noises is just the best. The seals are just adorable and when you see the baby's you just cant keep your eyes off them.

Just to point out ACEO are Art cards, Editions and Originals 
They are collectable, you can frame them put them in albums.

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