4 Aug 2010


                                                     haute couture collection for Dior.
I am loving Diors new collection, the colours are bright and almost look like sweet wrappers which is cool :) 
Ellie Goulding 
Its so cool as Ellie shoot her new music video in Happisburgh (where I live) In the background is Happisburgh Lighthouse which is right near the coast, which is cool.
Happisburgh beach is so pretty and deserted, I think all of the people of our village are proud of Happisburgh and love that Ellie has embraced it in her video.

 Dior bag :) 

These Dior bags are hot, very very fashionable, Emma Roberts and Mischa Barton are rocking them 
Get a cheaper version at www.4itgirls.com :) love it 


  1. I agree with you on the Dior bags! They've really stepped it up a notch.

    Enjoy your weekend,
    Hannah x

  2. the Dior couture collection is soo amazing! thanks for your comment, you have an awesome blog!

  3. The Dior bags are....yummy! :D

  4. Hi,I really need to buy that glitter dress but I cant find it anywhere can you help me,or do you sell it??