3 Sep 2011


I went to London to visit the V&A, and I was impressed with 1920s era they show cased. I saw a vintage Dyson, pink of course, not like the dyson balls today.
    Quirky Walkers bag was beautifully embellished, old sex pistols CD wow.
 Diamond encrusted vintage boxes, they are stunning in real life, absolutely beautiful.
Designed by Claire Robinson, Is made from Silver and mounted with Pearls and jade.

I LOVE Beatrix Potter, I really Love Peter Rabbit, and I cant believe I have actually seen her illustrations in real life, absolutely stunning worth visiting the V&A. You have to walk around a lot to find the things you want to see. Its free and you should defiantly go visit, for fun or inspiration.
   I know that they are planning to host Alexander McQueen's exhibition, I am really excited to see that.


  1. brilliant photos!

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  2. what a amazing collection to display! looks like you enjoyed it!

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  3. Nice post! I love seeing different stuff on fashion blogs! :) Following!

  4. Thanks for the comment on my blog lovely, Some of these pieces are just amazing!