9 Feb 2012

Learning how to make a Arm hole and do a concealed binding.

1.Pin fabric taunt and pin down and then use fabric tape and use mannequin to feel the oval of the arm hole

2. Allow a 6mm seam allowance
use pattern master to get correct position shape.

3.  Binding cut on bias 
binding 3 cm wide *4 width

4. cut binding out, and fold in half and press 
Make sure iron is set to nylon  and have scrap bit of fabric over

5. chop in middle of arm  hole 
6. Aline binding and pin to 6mm seam allowance. pinned to right side
fold edge 

7. trim unwanted fabric

8. Turn inside and blind stitch 

9. aline edges on right side, foot stitch

10. then press and pin inside and edge stitch inside

Today I have been doing some design developments for my finial collection and ideas for specs. I have been in the fashion studio all day, stitching my zip at bottom to make perfect. I unpicked edge i did as it was to uneven and I redid it by pressing straight and re sowing. I hand tacked pleats  more as I want the to stay in place but still remain a draped look.

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  1. This is soo useful, but it's so hard to make everything precise :S But practice does it!