26 Aug 2012

London Calling

Visiting the Natural History Museum London , Kensington was intriguing. I Visited due to the fact my project is based upon 'animals and there skeleton. 

I have photographed different angles of the fossils as I wanted to capture and abstract essence.

The Dodo, the most fascinating extinct bird.

The crystals and gems were absolutely breath taking, this rock had a star shaped glittery crystal inside. A giant Opal and a Opel in its natural state with veins flowing through the rock.


 Macaroon Cake Looks delicious. 

Saatchi Gallery 

These look as though they are old/vintage photographs, but amazingly they are graphite on canvas, and in the Saatchi Gallery there was a whole room filled with them.

 The use of the canvas coming out created a realism to the drawings

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  1. Love the stones - looks like pretty diamonds set in the stones - so amazing